Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Awards From School!!

 So far this year I have received some awards from students, colleagues and my principal. I feel so humbled by them. I know that everyone I work with is so deserving as well. I am so blessed to work along side such amazing people that inspire me, encourage me and support me. I am equally blessed to teach and guide such dedicated students. That make my job fun and inspire and encourage me as well.

The first award I received was from the student council in October. They chose 2 staff members to receive a star for each of the 6 pillars during our kick off week. (We do character counts at our school. If you don't know about it check it out. It is amazing!!) I was chosen to received one of the stars for Fairness. Below are pictures of my star and what they wrote about me.


My second award came the same week!! Our theme for our staff this year is huddle together. Our role model being the penguin (yes we are Rooster Springs Elem. and the teachers have penguins as a mascot!)  If you know anything about penguins they huddle together during the coldest part of the winter to survive. They take their turn in the middle and being warm as well as in the outer circle bearing the brunt of the wind, snow and cold. At each faculty meeting we pass on a penguin to someone. We have about 5 penguins that pare passed around. I received one for all my work being the UIL coordinator!! Here is my penguin:

My final award came yesterday from my principal. I was given the Above and Beyond Award for my campus. I was presented the award at the school board meeting. I love doing what I do and I love that I have been blessed with a principal that allows me to be creative and try new things. I never dreamed that I would then get an award for that. Here is me receiving my award by a school board member:

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