Friday, October 25, 2013

Flipping continued....

So I am loving the flipped classroom and so are my parents! After talking with my parents at parent night and finishing all the beginning of year testing I started with LA. Right now this is how it works: every Monday night they watch a video for homework and fill out this page:

Here is your copy!

If for some reason they don't watch it at home and their parents let me know they can watch it Tuesday morning and fill it out. I call this the WSQ (whisk). I got the idea from Todd Nelsoney. It is amazing to see how much better their complete sentences have gotten.

So they are doing this for language arts and they watch the video on Monday night. What am I doing in class? Well...that's the best part. Language Arts is all small group now. I don't have a whole group teaching time because the whole group part happens at home. Here is how my small groups look:

Monday:  go over vocabulary that will be in book, predictions based on cover, picture walk.....
Tuesday: go over concept briefly (like 3-4 minutes discuss video look at WSQ page) and talk about     how that might look with the book we are going to read. Answer any questions about the concept and depending on time start reading.
Wednesday: read story and apply concept (if we don't finish the story apply concept to what we have read)
Thursday: do an activity with our book and concept (make something, something we would have done whole group with a book I would have read but now they do with what they have read) and read book at home for homework.
Friday: share, do a writing page with book (to work on written response) and  reread with partners.

Right now this is working fabulously. I know that I will have to make changes next semester when we move to chapter books but I will ponder that in a month or so :)

Where do I get the videos?
I get my videos from youtube right now. I usually find 4-8 that work and pick my favorite for the one they have to watch and then also give them the link to watch the others through out the week. Some students watch them all, some watch all several times and some watch just the one. I'm okay with all of that. Here is what my webpage looks like for the parents:

As you can see the weeks we did the language concept for more than one week I threw in a math, science or social studies video. I also attached the video page in case they need an extra one (like it doesn't make it home!!)

I think that next semester we are going to start doing lots more science and social studies videos. I always feel so pinched for time in those subjects and it helped so much when they watched one!!

Please feel free to share what you are doing and what is working with your flipped classroom or do you have any questions so you can start flipping your class?

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