Saturday, March 10, 2012


Classroom management. It's a never ending search. It seems like every year I try something new or renew the old. Something. Well, last year my amazing and wonderful teammate, Katie, showed me how she uses money in her room. I LOVED it!!! The kids loved it. It was the first time that everyone in the room loved the management system. But there are added benefits. When it was time to teach money  - my kids had it. We hardly had to spend any time on it which was nice. Second, I took my class to the movies last year. (We are the pirates and when the Pirate movie came out we went it watched it - a complete blast!!!) So we were at the movies and one of my students went to buy popcorn. When he came back he said, "I can do that because we do money everyday in class." YES!!!!!!

Okay, so it's easy I think. For the first 9 weeks to the whole semester everything is with quarters and dollars. It makes it easy and the kids get a good understanding of it. They earn money, spend money, and lose money. My rational: I get paid to do my job and being a student is their job so they get paid too.

I hang these posters in my room for them to refer to (at times I have to as well!!)

I have the rules:

Here is how they can earn money:
Here is how they can spend their money:

Finally, here is how they can lose their money:  

Like I said my students really love this. After the second nine weeks or semester, depending on how well the class is doing with it. I change it up and add nickels and dimes. So it takes more to earn money but they learn all the ways to make a quarter. I wear an apron so my money is with me all the time and handy. That way when I am walking around I can just put give a student money whenever and where ever (hallway, another teachers' class....)
Here's me in my Home Depot apron. Although there are many, many, many cute aprons on etsy :) 

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