Friday, February 17, 2012

Guided Reading Idea #2

Okay so I slacked a little on my resolution - posting at least once a week. HOWEVER, I have good reason. My husband has been working out of town for three weeks so I have been doing the single mom thing - I so appreciate it when he is home to lend a hand. I also had the flu last week - thank goodness for Tamiflu and my parents living close by to lend a hand with the boys. But, now I am back!!!! Okay so again, it's an idea I found and then tweaked and changed a bit for my class and now I am sharing. I went to this workshop and the presenter called it harvesting ideas!! So, the last week of every month we do a brown bag book club. We read a book, work with it all week and then on Friday they sit with their group, a partner, or someone from a different group - I change it up - and they eat popcorn and discuss their book. Through out the week they have been filling out the page they have glued to the front of the bag. This helps them remember the story - then they have questions. Each person draws a question and answers it for the group. Depending on time they trade and answer their new question. Here are the questions:

Questions for Book Club


I want to give a special thanks to the first grade parade for this awesome idea!!
Visit them to see the original at:


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