Tuesday, August 4, 2015

It's been awhile...

So.... I'm back!!! Who what a ride it has been both professionally and personally since I've been on a hiatus.    

Personally my husband and I became foster parents and have had the pleasure of being mom and dad to several boys. Each one touches our heart in a different way. What amazing children they are. We continue to foster hoping to find the one that we can adopt!!

Professionally!!!! I have become part of a group called the Tech Squad. It consists of two of my friends and we travel the great state of Texas (and will be making an appearance in Florida in November) talking about integrating technology and teaching beyond those lesson plans - teaching 21st century style! We hold a meet and TWEET on Tuesdays at 9pm. So if you aren't on TWITTER join!!!

The second amazing thing I have become a part of is PBL! My team and I wrote a grant this spring and asked our Education Foundation to pay for the Buck Institute to come and teach our staff all about PBL!! Well, they did and it was an amazing 3 days at the end of July. We will be talking more about that later!

Finally, I became a google certified educator!! Wow my knowledge doubled and I can't wait to share my tidbits of new knowledge. 

While this post is short I promise to be back!!! I have lots to share and school starts in 3 weeks - well kids start in 3 weeks. We are back sooner. 


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