Thursday, June 27, 2013

One Rule

This year we are only going to have one rule in my class. I have thought about this and thought about this. Before I tell you my rule, let me explain how I got here. I have done the typical rules, let them suggest rules, I have even done the 5 rules from Whole Brain Teaching (a copy is in an earlier post). I was just never satisfied. They kept breaking them. So I focused on that - why were they breaking the rules? I observed them, talked with them, and then observed some more. I thought about why do we have rules. When we don't have rules our actions can cause problems for others and sometimes ourselves but more often others. I wanted to teach my students to be considerate of others. I wanted to teach them about how their actions impact others. SO...... now I only have one rule. Ready?????

You can do anything you want as long as it doesn't cause a problem for anyone else.

Love it? I do. For a trial run I talked about this my class at the end of the year. So this is how I think I will set it up. First we will have our "rule talk". They will brainstorm a list of rules that they think we should have (just like in years past) but then I am going to reveal my one rule. We will then talk about how their rules fit into this one. Example: old rule: raise your hand to speak, relation to new rule: if you are shouting out answers you are not allowing others to think for themselves or answer, shouting can hurt other's ears, you are being distrecptful to the speaker. Wow!! If they learn this hopefully they can take this with them through out their life and instead of just being a rule follewer be kinder and thoughtful of others.

Since my theme is pirates my rule is in a speech bubble to I can make a priate "saying" the rule. Here it is:

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