Friday, September 21, 2012

Morning Song!!!!

I love mornings with my class!! They come in get started on their morning work (which is Math For Today and Daily Language Review) after announcements we check it then come to the carpet for our meeting! As we transition and to get them motivated for the day I play this song on the screen:

My students love it and so do I!! They are singing with it as loud as they can. It's great and puts us all in a great mood to continue the day no matter how our mornings started!! Here is another one I throw in there sometimes!

Both songs help put everyone in a great mood. They know that they have to be on the carpet ready to go when the song ends. AND just in case you're interested after that we talk about our night, do some sort of silly game or greeting with each other. On Friday's we have a suggestion box where all the kids can give a suggestions about things in the class or things they would like see through out the week and then on Friday I go over a couple of them (that I have pre read and decided what I was going to say or do). Then we are ready for Language Arts and the day!

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  1. We love the "What I Am" song too! So much fun!