Monday, August 13, 2012

Word Work

So I have spent some time creating games for my word work center. I had lots but then the Language Arts committee (I"m on that!!)  for the district got together and made some sight word changes. Sooooo.... we now use the first 300 words from the Fry's list for second grade. My sight word games now needed to be changed to match the new list. Then I thought I might as well share some of my game ideas for games but also organization. Here it goes:

For starters, our sight words are divided into groups by 9 weeks. So I assigned each 9 weeks a different color. The words in the first 9 weeks are black, 2nd are red, 3rd are blue, and the 4th are green. This way at the end of the year or 9 weeks I know what 9 week tub to put them back in. Some games I add to each 9 weeks and others I put away at the end of the 9 weeks. The color coding helps so that at then end of the year even the kids can help me sort and put all back where it belongs!!

The Games:

An old favorite BANG! All 300 sight words are written on popsicle sticks and in a jar. (Each 9 weeks I add the new sight words to the jar.) A student pulls out a stick and if they can read the word they keep it, if they can't they put it back and if they pull out a stick with BANG on it they put all their's back. The person with the most sticks wins! Easy enough. This is an easy game to even have a parent make or help make!

I have sight word puzzles that I made using and I type the words for the 9 weeks in and print it off and then laminate, cut into pieces and put in a baggie! It's great. The kids love them and one student can do it or a group can work on it. I typically make 3 or 4 for a nine week period.

I made the power tower game from Mrs. Lewis' Learning Library . The kids love it and this is a game I have for each 9 weeks. At the beginning of each nine weeks I put the previous one away but towards the end of each 9 weeks I pull out the old games for review! The labels on the cups and the containers match the color for the 9 weeks!

Sight word Candy Land is by far the most favorite game in the room! It is great for parent to play with a group when I have parent helps or in small group time. I first saw the idea on the first grader at last blog. My mom found it (she teaches first) and shared!!

I also have lots of ways for them to spell the words: toothpicks, legos,

Finally they can play memory and go fish with flash cards I made.

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