Saturday, August 25, 2012

My room

Here it is!!! Disclaimer: I always feel like my room is a work in progress. I am adding to the walls, and taking down. The desks get moved around depending on the kids, projects and other stuff.

My reading center! All my books are leveled according to AR. I also have all my listening center items in white baskets on the bottom shelf. I use individual CD players in my center so there is no arguing over sharing, turns....

Mailboxes and turn in baskets. 

My room as you walk in the door. 
View from the corner opposite the door!

Writing and Art Center for Daily 5

My back wall/cabinets is my Wall Of Knowledge: which is where
I hang anchor charts and posters after we are done with them!!
Wall of Knowledge with a couple of things up to start the year!

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